Listen to your files anywhere you want

While jogging

When You drive

Simply relaxing

Play them to Your child

Let your eyes rest with Text-to-Speech - the computer software that converts digital text into voice.

Acquire knowledge faster and work more efficiently

Customize your reading voice parameters

Enjoy listening to your documents at your home or office

Listen to your files with your mp3 player, CD or your phone


Converts any text to human-like speech

  • very simple and intuitive
  • comes in packages with IVONA or Nuance voices
  • drag and drop your digital text files to convert them to portable audio files
  • many languages and many voices
  • read multi-page contracts, blog articles, children’s books or anything else you need to
  • 30 day trial
  • free upgrades
  • life-time license

Why don’t you let your eyes rest? Is there anything I can read for you?